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the white stripes, the white stripes arklar, the white stripes ark szleri
1.a boys best friend617
2.apple blossom694
4.ball and biscuit409
5.black math368
6.broken bricks406
7.dead leaves and the dirty ground394
8.death letter485
11.fell in love with a girl390
12.girl, you have no faith in medicine407
13.hello operator421
14.hotel yorba384
16.i can learn518
17.i cant wait562
18.i fought piranhas463
19.i just dont know what to do with myself377
20.i think i smell a rat585
21.i want to be the boy to warm your mothers heart359
22.in the cold, cold, night398
23.its true that we love one another452
24.im bound to pack it up516
25.im finding it harder to be a gentleman429
26.jimmy the exploder560
27.jumble, jumble357
28.lets build a home810
29.little acorns498
30.little bird638
31.little room615
32.now mary462
33.offend in every way368
34.one more cup of coffee387
36.seven nation army519
37.sister,do you know my name423
38.slicker drips374
39.st james infirmary blues391
40.stop breaking down384
41.sugar never tasted so good359
42.suzy lee401
43.the air near my fingers361
44.the big three killed my baby384
45.the hardest button to button423
46.the same boy youve always known413
47.the union forever369
48.theres no home for you here486
49.this protector391
50.truth doesnt make a noise440
51.wasting my time528
52.we re going to be friends450
53.when i hear my name390
54.why cant you be nicer to me601
55.your southern can is mine445
56.youre pretty good looking448
57.youve got her in your pocket450
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