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the waterboys, the waterboys arklar, the waterboys ark szleri
1.a girl called johnny364
2.a golden age402
3.a life of sundays353
4.a man is in love392
5.a pagan place375
6.a rock in a weary land325
7.a song for the life376
8.ahead down the highway353
9.all my way ireland385
10.all the boys love carrie349
11.all the things she gave me341
12.anatomy of a love affair401
13.and a bang on the ear318
14.and the healing has begun392
15.barely out of teenage366
16.be my enemy371
17.beatles medley383
18.because the night3192
19.behold the sea361
20.big lover375
21.bigger picture353
22.billy sparks351
23.bleecker street621
24.blowing in the wind367
25.blues is my business434
26.born to be together352
27.bring em all in896
28.buckets of rain328
29.burlington bertie and accrington stanley409
30.bury my heart345
31.calling back my spirit361
32.careful with that melletron, eugene424
33.church not made with hands374
34.come live with me351
35.coming in to harbour389
36.corn circles436
38.custers blues333
39.dancing barefoot322
40.death is not the end393
42.dont bang the drum390
43.drunken head blues327
44.dumbing down the world385
45.dunfords fancy831
46.everlasting arms381
47.experience week song310
49.fishermans blues629
50.forever young335
51.further up, further in328
53.girl from the north country343
54.glastonbury song397
55.going back to glasters331
56.going to paris367
57.good news392
58.gulf crisis lullaby317
59.has anybody here seen hank368
60.heaven gets closer every day350
61.higher bound327
62.higher in time369
63.his word is not his bond383
64.how long will i love you453
65.how many songs till i get home384
66.i aint gonna work on maggies farm no more333
67.i know shes in the building369
68.i will not follow317
69.in search of a rose383
70.iona song478
71.is she conscious418
74.it should have been you368
75.ill be your baby tonight380
76.im so lonesome i could cry358
77.ive been in the storm for you340
79.killing my heart386
80.king electric357
81.king of london394
82.kiss the wind356
83.late train to heaven318
84.learning to love him544
85.let it happen359
86.let it loose287
87.let it loose407
88.lost highway383
89.love and death395
90.love anyway421
91.love that kills344
92.lucky day bad advice324
95.martin decent372
96.medicine bow310
97.meet me at the station403
98.mister fox433
99.mister powers368
100.mother cluny415
101.nectar days377
102.night falls on london684
103.nobody cept you391
104.oh shenandoah437
105.old england367
106.one of many rescuers351
107.only heroes live forever336
108.out of control312
110.preparing to fly342
111.prince medley497
112.purple rain387
114.rags second amendment333
115.rare, precious and gone324
116.ready for the monkey house325
117.red army blues373
118.rock in the weary land249
119.room to roam606
120.saints and angels385
121.savage earth heart331
122.seaweed shovelling song351
123.she is so beautiful307
124.some of my best friends are trains392
125.somebody might wave back379
126.something fantastic340
127.something that is gone417
128.song from the end of the world352
129.song of the mermaid397
130.song of the open road378
131.song of the steppes487
133.spiritual city400
134.spring comes to spiddal362
135.strange boat374
137.sunny sailor boy645
138.sweet thing372
139.sympathy for david icke396
140.thats not enough528
141.the big music379
142.the charlatans lament407
143.the earth only endures447
144.the girl in the swing368
145.the lion of love338
146.the new life323
147.the pan within355
148.the raggle taggle gypsy439
149.the return of jimi hendrix341
150.the return of pan355
151.the star and the sea468
152.the stolen child340
153.the three day man406
154.the thrill is gone360
155.the trip to broadford442
156.the ways of men328
157.the wayward wind374
158.the wedding362
159.the whole of the moon407
160.the wind in the wires334
161.this is the sea390
162.too hot for clean head455
164.upon the wind and waves468
165.we are jonah372
166.we will not be lovers356
167.what do you want me to do383
168.when love comes tumbling341
169.when will we be married393
170.when ye go away354
171.where are you now when i need you380
172.why look at the moon362
173.will the circle be unbroken365
174.winter winter519
175.wonders of lewis483
176.world party348
177.you cant always get what you wantz374
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