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the supremes, the supremes arklar, the supremes ark szleri
1.a breathtaking guy475
2.a change is gonna come381
3.a dream is a wish your heart makes352
4.a hard days night445
5.a little breeze344
6.a lovers concerto449
7.a place in the sun424
8.a taste of honey359
9.a world without love347
10.aint no mountain high enough461
11.aint nothing like the real thing398
12.aint thatgood news453
13.all i know about you447
14.am i asking too much335
15.any girl in love knows what im going through450
16.aquarius /let the sunshine in2121
17.are you sure love is the name of this game371
18.ask any girl352
19.baby doll441
20.baby dont go909
21.baby i need your loving401
22.baby love363
23.back in my arms again379
24.bah, bah, bah672
25.beach ball432
28.big spender408
29.bits and pieces356
30.blowin in the wind453
31.blue moon422
32.born of mary390
33.bring it on home to me369
34.buttered popcorn424
35.can i get a witness358
36.cant buy me love420
37.cant shake it loose469
38.cant take my eyes off you419
39.cant you see its me557
40.chain gang375
41.childrens christmas song427
42.coca-cola commercialspecial lyrics to "baby love"710
43.coca-cola commercialspecial lyrics to "when the lovelight starts shiningthrough his eyes"394
44.come and get these memories398
45.come into my palace330
46.come on and see me334
47.come on boy553
48.come see about me393
49.cornet man405
51.dancing on the ceiling421
52.didnt we745
53.discover me and youll discover love457
54.do you love me363
55.does your momma know about me375
56.dont break these chains of love414
57.dont let true love die475
58.dont rain on my parade415
59.eleanor rigby/do you know the way to san jose/mrs robinson327
60.everyday people404
61.everythings good about you445
62.falling in love with love360
63.fancy passes354
64.for better or worse372
65.forever came today378
66.funky broadway354
67.funny girl400
68.funny how time slips away361
69.get ready363
70.going down for the third time345
71.hang on sloopy457
72.havin a party453
73.he holds his own374
74.he means the world to me383
75.heaven must have sent you317
77.hey jude378
78.hey western union man354
79.hes all i got476
80.hes my sunny boy494
81.hes seventeen503
82.his love makes me beautiful364
83.honey bee keep on stinging me341
84.honey boy413
85.how do you do it407
86.how long has that evening train been gone365
87.i am woman595
88.i cant help myself521
89.i cant make it alone455
90.i didnt know whattime it was468
91.i guess ill always love you437
92.i hear a symphony372
93.i second that emotion396
94.i want a guy378
95.i want to hold your hand362
96.if a girl isnt pretty434
97.if i ruled the world391
98.in and out of love364
99.it makes no difference now356
100.it never entered my mind407
101.its all your fault477
102.its alright with me431
103.its going all the way to true true love382
104.its the same old song448
105.ill be doggone527
106.ill set you free475
107.ill try something new545
108.ill turn to stone459
109.im giving you your freedom381
110.im gonna make it i will wait for you427
111.im gonna make you love me475
112.im in love again442
113.im livin in shame464
114.im so glad heartaches dont last always415
115.im so glad i got somebody like you around457
116.im the exception to the rule432
117.im the greatest star432
118.ive got no strings461
119.johnny one note364
120.joy to the world374
121.just a little misunderstanding353
122.keep an eye342
123.lazy bones436
124.let me go the right way409
125.let the music play420
126.lets get away from it all945
127.little bright star408
128.little girl blue384
129.little miss loser410
130.long gone lover319
131.love child381
132.love is here and now youre gone417
133.love is in our hearts377
134.love is like a heat wave374
135.love is like anitching in my heart416
136.love makes me do foolish things329
138.loving you is better than ever368
139.make someone happy425
142.misery makes its home in my heart334
143.money thats what i want739
145.mother dear437
146.mother you, smother you401
147.mountain greenery387
148.mr blues430
149.my christmas tree435
150.my favorite things394
151.my funny valentine432
152.my heart cant takeit no more512
153.my heart stood still350
154.my man424
155.my romance475
156.my world is empty without you386
157.never again2163
158.no matter what sign you are336
159.nothing but heartaches335
160.nothing can change this love391
161.ode to billie joe340
162.only sixteen383
163.ooowee baby427
164.our day will come330
165.penny pincher497
167.play a sad song360
168.put on a happy face400
169.put yourself in my place380
170.queen of the house386
172.remove this doubt412
174.rock-a-bye your babywith a dixie melody436
175.rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer368
176.run, run, run327
177.sadie, sadie341
178.sam cooke399
179.santa claus is comingto town359
180.save me a star409
181.send me no flowers366
182.shadows of society357
184.shake me, wake me whenits over405
185.silent night447
186.silver bells416
188.sing a simple song434
189.sleep walk422
190.slow down359
191.some things you never get used to356
192.someday my prince will come392
193.someday well be together431
195.spring is here456
196.standing at the crosroads of love362
197.stop in the name of love350
199.stranger in paradise429
200.stubborn kind of fellow331
203.surfer boy377
204.sweet inspiration368
205.sweet thing290
207.tears in vain441
208.the ballad of davy crocket416
209.the beginning of the end469
210.the blue room400
211.the boy from ipanema425
212.the christmas song347
213.the composer369
214.the happening335
215.the house of the rising sun663
216.the impossible dream396
217.the lady is a tramp384
218.the land of make believe334
219.the little drummer boy417
220.the man with the rockand roll banjo band355
221.the music that makes me dance344
222.the only time im happy432
223.the way you do thethings you do440
224.the weight335
225.the young folks349
227.theres a small hotel707
228.theres no stopping us now415
229.these boots are madefor walking364
230.this cant be love524
231.this guys in love with you418
232.this old heart of mine is weak for you343
233.thoroughly modernmillie/second hand rose/mame369
234.those dj shows343
235.thou swell462
236.till johnny comes345
237.time changes things350
238.too hurt too cry, too much in love too say goodbye361
239.too much a little too soon393
241.treat me nice john henry371
242.try it baby355
243.tumbling tumbleweeds428
244.twinkle twinkle little me404
245.unchained melody456
246.up, up and away336
247.uptight everythings alright420
248.wait till you see him374
249.we couldnt get along without you391
250.what becomes of the brokenhearted380
251.what the world needs now is love361
252.when its to the top still i wont stop giving you love385
253.when the lovelight starts shining through his eyes342
254.when you wish upon a star378
255.where did our love go370
256.where or when353
257.whisper you love me boy394
258.whistle while you work354
259.white christmas395
260.who can i turn to when nobody needs me392
261.who could ever doubt my love354
262.whos lovin you509
263.why must we fall in love376
264.will this be the day337
265.with a childs heart505
266.with a song in my heart413
267.without a song416
268.wonderful world340
269.wonderful, wonderful366
271.you aint livin till youre lovin422
272.you bring back memories381
273.you cant do that442
274.you cant hurry love393
275.you didnt care556
276.you gave me love346
277.you keep me hangin on414
278.you need me388
279.you send me428
280.you took advantage of me354
281.your heart belongs to me350
282.your kiss of fire439
283.youre gone but always in my heart433
284.youre nobody til somebody loves you434
285.youve been so wonderful to me405
286.youve really got a hold on me419
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