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the smiths, the smiths arklar, the smiths ark szleri
1.a rush and a push and the land is ours613
2.accept yourself bbc493
4.ask rank488
6.back to the old house bbc449
7.barbarism begins at home418
8.bigmouth strikes again415
9.bigmouth strikes again rank489
10.cemetry gates391
11.cemetry gates rank407
12.death at ones elbow475
13.death of a disco dancer392
14.frankly, mr shankly398
15.girl afraid393
16.girlfriend in a coma506
17.golden lights402
18.half a person459
19.half a person bbc381
20.hand in glove413
21.hand in glove havent got453
22.hand in glove shaw393
23.hand in glove tate356
24.handsome devil bbc422
25.handsome devil tate448
26.heaven knows im miserable now543
27.heaven knows im miserable now different take414
28.how soon is now451
29.how soon is now different take410
30.i dont owe you anything457
31.i dont owe you anything shaw455
32.i dont owe you anything tate417
33.i keep mine hidden398
34.i know its over707
35.i know its over rank459
36.i started something i couldnt finish481
37.i want a boy for my birthday477
38.i want the one i cant have570
39.i wont share you457
40.is it really so strange bbc450
41.is it really so strange rank478
43.jeane shaw432
44.last night i dreamt that somebody loved me474
46.london rank400
47.maries the name his latest flame / rusholme ruffians rank642
48.meat is murder535
49.miserable lie438
50.miserable lie bbc360
51.miserable lie bbc562
52.money changes everything667
53.never had no one ever904
54.nowhere fast368
55.oscillate wildly723
56.paint a vulgar picture370
58.panic rank400
59.please, please, please, let me get what i want562
60.pretty girls make graves393
61.pretty girls make graves bbc388
62.pretty girls make graves tate385
63.reel around the fountain421
64.reel around the fountain bbc443
65.reel around the fountain tate413
66.rubber ring518
67.rubber ring / what she said rank409
68.rusholme ruffians418
69.rusholme ruffians bbc424
70.shakespeares sister503
71.sheila take a bow386
72.shoplifters of the world unite501
73.some girls are bigger than others457
74.still ill457
75.still ill bbc411
76.still ill rank399
77.stop me if you think youve heard this one before434
78.stretch out and wait419
79.stretch out and wait version408
80.suffer little children414
81.suffer little children tate384
82.summer nights575
83.sweet and tender hooligan385
84.that joke isnt funny anymore426
85.the boy with the thorn in his side449
86.the boy with the thorn in his side rank417
87.the draize train rank515
88.the hand that rocks the cradle410
89.the headmaster ritual422
90.the queen is dead369
91.the queen is dead rank425
92.the sha la la song392
93.there is a light that never goes out437
94.these things take time355
95.these things take time bbc411
96.these things take time tate383
97.this charming man510
98.this charming man bbc406
99.this charming man instrumental530
100.this charming man london403
101.this night has opened my eyes bbc426
102.unhappy birthday427
104.vicar in a tutu430
105.vicar in a tutu rank424
106.well i wonder517
107.what difference does it make449
108.what difference does it make bbc425
109.what difference does it make tate414
110.what do you see in him490
111.what she said479
112.whats the world615
113.william, it was really nothing387
114.wonderful woman478
115.wonderful woman bbc472
116.wonderful woman tate396
117.work is a four-letter word388
118.you just havent earned it yet, baby458
119.youve got everything now444
120.youve got everything now bbc391
121.youve got everything now tate409
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