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the proclaimers, the proclaimers arklar, the proclaimers ark szleri
1.a long long long time ago387
2.beautiful truth598
3.cap in hand430
4.come on nature403
5.dont turn out like your mother436
6.follow the money431
7.heaven right now403
8.hit the highway434
9.i want to be a christian596
10.it broke my heart379
11.its saturday night704
12.im gonna be miles521
13.im gonna burn your playhouse down526
14.im on my way695
15.letter from america386
16.lets get married611
17.make my heart fly571
18.misty blue405
19.my old friend the blues503
20.oh jean425
21.over and done with414
23.shout shout387
24.sky takes the soul410
25.sunshine on leith463
26.sweet little girls459
28.the first attack346
29.the joyful kilmarnock blues398
30.the light385
31.the more i believe357
32.then i met you415
33.theres a touch585
34.these arms of mine472
35.throw the r away504
36.trying to get to the part that really matters378
37.what do you do407
38.what makes you cry408
39.when youre in love571
40.your childhood371
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