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the judds, the judds arklar, the judds ark szleri
1.are the roses not blooming374
2.auld lang syne590
3.beautiful star of bethlehem353
4.blue nun cafe1710
5.born to be blue390
6.bye bye baby blues584
7.cadillac red482
8.calling in the wind432
9.cant nobody love you like i do528
10.change of heart370
11.come some rainy day355
12.cow cow boogie483
13.cry myself to sleep345
14.do i dare423
15.dont be cruel576
16.dont you hear jerusalem moan442
17.dream chaser340
18.drops of water420
19.endless sleep398
21.girls night out418
22.give a little love368
23.grandpa tell me bout the good old days483
24.guardian angels344
25.had a dream for the heart341
26.have mercy382
27.i know where im going396
28.i saw the light382
29.i wish she wouldnt treat you that way635
30.if i were you715
31.in my dreams616
32.isnt he a strange one452
33.im falling in love tonight445
34.john deere tractor649
35.lazy country evening444
36.let me tell you about love378
37.love can build a bridge356
38.love is alive435
39.mama hes crazy756
40.maybe your babys got the blues399
41.mr pain421
42.my babys gone390
43.my strongest weakness368
44.not my baby446
45.old pictures345
46.one hundred and two405
47.one man woman525
48.river of time326
49.river roll on421
50.rock bottom388
51.rockin with the rhythm of the rain442
52.rompin stompin blues394
53.she is his only need354
54.sleeping heart357
55.sleepless nights402
56.talk about love434
57.tears for you408
58.the sweetest gift340
59.the wyld unknown385
60.this countrys rockin616
61.tuff enuff400
62.turn it loose354
63.water of love504
64.when king jesus calls his children home364
65.who is this babe508
66.why dont you believe me432
67.why not me491
68.working in the coal mine352
69.young love321
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