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the foghat, the foghat arklar, the foghat ark szleri
1.a hole to hide in344
2.aint livin long like this536
3.angel of mercy444
4.baby can i change your mind433
5.back for a taste of your love377
6.bad bad lovin596
7.be my woman685
8.blue spruce woman388
9.burnin the midnight oil853
10.bustin up or bustin out528
11.chateau lafitte boogie512
13.comin down with love522
14.couldnt make her stay904
15.dead end street413
16.delayed reaction436
17.down the road a piece416
18.drive me home412
19.drivin wheel495
20.easy money435
21.eight days on the road372
22.feel so bad403
23.feel so good432
24.fly by night402
25.fools hall of fame518
26.full time lover415
27.golden arrow432
28.gotta get to know you371
29.hate to see you go461
30.helping hand406
31.high on love445
32.highway killing me370
33.honey hush456
34.hot shot love403
35.i do just what i want404
36.i just want to make love to you362
37.i want you to love me645
38.it hurts me too427
39.itll be me964
40.its too late757
41.ill be standing by908
42.jenny dont mind925
43.jump that train360
44.leavin again again849
45.let me get close to you452
46.linda lou426
47.live now-pay later433
48.loose ends424
49.louisiana blues447
50.love rustler437
51.love zone418
53.midnight madness454
54.night shift408
55.no hard feelings392
56.nothin i wont do785
57.paradise alley394
58.play dirty440
59.ride, ride, ride411
60.road fever417
61.rock your house360
62.sarah lee457
63.save your loving for me388
64.second childhood372
65.seven day weekend351
66.shes gone476
67.shirley jean401
68.sing about love405
69.slipped, tripped, fell in love388
70.slow ride460
71.soakin the bone625
72.somebodys been sleeping in my bed553
73.stay with me392
74.step outside390
75.stranger in my home town444
76.sweet home chicago1506
77.take it or leave it424
78.take me to the river471
79.take this heart of mine394
80.talk to me baby482
81.tear you down414
82.terraplane blues403
83.thatll be the day502
84.thats what love can do512
85.there aint no man that cant be caught459
86.three wheel cadillac541
87.trouble in my way369
88.trouble, trouble391
89.weekend driver425
90.what a shame461
91.wide boy420
92.wild cherry379
93.writing on the wall395
94.zig-zag walk438
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