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the flaming lips, the flaming lips arklar, the flaming lips ark szleri
2.all we have is now503
3.are you a hypnotist396
4.bad days547
5.be my head485
6.begs and achin806
8.cant exist624
9.cant stop the spring471
10.charlie manson blues391
11.chewin the apple of your eye474
12.christmas at the zoo447
13.chrome plated suicide385
14.do you realize363
15.drug machine in heaven390
16.ego tripping at the gates of hell420
17.everythings explodin496
18.evil will prevail427
19.felt good to burn422
20.fight test406
21.five stop mother superior rain365
23.gingerale afternoon459
24.god walks among us now389
25.godzilla flick487
26.guy who got a headache and accidentally saves the world381
27.halloween on the barbary coast393
28.hari-krishna stomp wagon fuck led zeppelin414
29.hit me like you did the first time468
30.hold your head477
31.in the morning of the magicians395
32.its summertime736
33.jesus shootin heroin392
34.just like before489
35.kims watermelon gun604
36.lightning strikes the postman441
37.love yer brain457
38.man from pakistan664
39.maximum dream for evil424
40.moth in the incubator445
42.ode to cc part one450
43.ode to cc part two443
44.oh my pregnant head442
45.one million billionth of a millisecond on a sunday morning373
46.one mor393
47.pilot can at the queer of god378
48.placebo headwound418
49.prescription: love63
50.psychiatric exploration of the fetus with needles397
51.rainin babies653
52.redneck school of technology374
53.right now436
54.shaved gorilla513
55.she dont use jelly353
56.she is death513
57.shine on sweet jesus366
59.stand in line519
60.staring at sound/with you reprise368
61.summertime blues364
63.take me ta mars447
64.talkin bout the smiling deathporn immortality blues380
65.thanks to you370
66.the abandoned hospital ship398
67.the ceiling is bendin421
68.the last drop of morning dew352
69.the magician vs the headache513
70.the spontaneous combustion of john518
71.the sun607
72.there you are616
73.they punctured my yolk356
74.this here giraffe427
75.trains, brains, and rain337
76.turn it on437
77.unconsciously screamin584
79.waitin for a superman387
80.what a wonderful world383
81.when yer twenty-two455
82.when you smile406
83.with you466
84.yoshimi battles the pink robots pt383
85.yoshimi battles the pink robots pt460
86.you have to be joking413
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