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the faint ark szleri
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the faint, the faint arklar, the faint ark szleri
1.acting: on-campus television71
2.agenda suicide509
3.amorous in bauhaus fashion402
4.an allusion passes through the bar408
5.as the doctor talks425
6.ballad of a paralysed citizen465
7.call call450
8.cars pass in cold blood388
9.casual sex619
10.defy the ailments496
11.getting / giving the lock435
12.glass danse458
13.in concert409
14.let the posion spill from your throat415
15.lullaby for the587
16.posed to death398
17.repertoire of uncommon depth417
18.sealed human405
19.sex is personal358
20.some incriminating photographs426
21.syntax lies451
22.take me to the hospital401
23.tandem: city to city84
24.the conductor520
25.the passives505
26.theres something not as valid when the scenery is a postcard492
27.total job547
28.typing: -84
29.victim convenience384
31.worked up so sexual435
32.your retro career melted510
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