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the doors, the doors arklar, the doors ark szleri
1.a twentieth century fox499
2.alabama song whiskey bar409
3.american night442
4.an american prayer/ hour for magic/ freedom exists/ a feast of friends346
5.angels and sailors404
7.back door man517
8.been down so long421
9.black polished chrome latino chrome436
10.blue sunday624
11.break on through to the other side388
12.cars hiss by my window447
13.crawling king snake394
14.crystal ship357
15.curses, invocations459
16.dawns highway431
17.do it482
18.easy ride492
19.end of the night444
20.five to one356
21.hello, i love you349
22.horse latitudes546
23.hyacinth house367
24.i cant see your face565
25.i looked at you351
26.indian summer688
27.l a woman345
29.land ho441
30.light my fire359
31.love her madly615
32.love me two times1003
33.love street915
35.maggie mgill528
36.moonlight drive373
37.my eyes have seen you498
38.my wild love397
39.newborn awakening432
40.not to touch the earth368
41.peace frog361
42.people are strange772
43.queen of the highway389
44.riders on the storm460
45.roadhouse blues420
46.runnin blue465
47.shamans blues439
48.ship of fools404
49.soul kitchen396
50.spanish caravan494
51.stoned immaculate408
52.strange days467
53.summers almost gone694
54.take it as it comes403
55.tell all the people353
56.the changeling428
57.the end367
58.the hitchhiker394
59.the movie380
60.the soft parade394
61.the spy427
62.the unknown soldier475
63.the wasp texas radio and the big beat406
64.the world on fire661
65.to come of age402
66.touch me470
67.unhappy girl464
68.waiting for the sun354
69.we could be so good together407
70.when the musics over661
71.wild child519
72.wintertime love492
73.wishful sinful361
74.yes, the river knows382
75.you make me real401
76.youre lost little girl509
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