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the circle jerks, the circle jerks arklar, the circle jerks ark szleri
2.anxious boy389
3.back against the wall434
4.bad words513
5.behind the door672
6.beverly hills630
8.career day374
9.coup detat746
10.defamation innuendo440
11.deny everything576
13.dont care705
14.exhaust breath392
16.forced labor376
17.gray life390
18.group sex1395
19.high price on our heads406
20.i just want some skank446
21.i wanna destroy you453
22.in your eyes562
23.junk mail634
24.leave me alone486
25.letter bomb446
26.live fast, die young543
27.meet the press476
28.moral majority471
29.murder the disturbed391
31.paid vacation448
32.political stu420
33.product of my environment485
34.question authority430
35.rats of reality447
36.red blanket room471
37.red tape776
38.shining through the door384
39.sinking ship416
40.stars and stripes444
41.teenage electric379
43.under the gun441
45.whats your problem756
46.when the shit hits the fan519
47.wild in the streets364
48.world up my ass556
49.d good as gone655
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