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the barclay james harvest, the barclay james harvest arklar, the barclay james harvest ark szleri
1.a matter of time346
3.african nights367
4.after the day427
5.all my life442
6.alone in the night431
7.alright down get boogie mu ala rusic769
8.back in the game399
9.back to earth411
10.back to the wall413
11.ball and chain409
12.ballad of denshaw mill438
13.believe in me425
15.beyond the grave424
16.blue johns blues486
18.cheap the bullet375
19.child of the universe399
20.children of the disappeared408
21.classics: a tale of two sixties78
22.cold war474
23.copii romania717
24.crazy city420
25.crazy over you473
26.dark now my sky451
27.death of a city429
28.delph town morn420
29.do you believe in dreams same chance for everyone411
30.doctor doctor504
31.echoes and shadows435
32.fact: the closed shop100
33.fantasy: loving is easy91
34.fiction: the streets of san francisco89
35.fifties child448
36.following me428
37.for no one439
38.for your love422
39.forever yesterday447
40.friend of mine463
42.giving it up572
43.good love child383
44.guitar blues419
45.halfway to freedom370
46.happy old world412
48.hard hearted woman749
49.harrys song444
50.he said love424
51.high wire419
52.highway for fools392
53.hold on436
54.how do you feel now475
56.hymn for the children388
57.if love is king377
58.in my life393
59.in search of england358
60.inside my nightmare367
61.im like a train473
62.ive got a feeling463
63.john lennons guitar473
67.lady loves389
68.lady macbeth463
69.lepers song523
70.life is for living381
71.looking from the outside412
72.love is like a violin375
73.love on the line446
74.may day403
75.medicine man432
76.midnight drug394
77.mill boys451
78.mocking bird816
81.mother dear509
82.mr e416
83.negative earth407
84.on the wings of love375
85.once more439
86.one hundred thousand smiles out361
87.one night409
88.origin earth400
90.paper wings447
91.paraiso dos cavalos407
92.play to the world495
93.polk street rag393
94.pool of tears375
95.poor boy blues402
96.poor mans moody blues473
97.prisoner of your love397
98.psychedelic child578
100.rebel woman469
101.ring of changes408
102.river of dreams417
103.rock n roll lady452
104.rock n roll star462
105.say youll stay462
106.science fiction: nova lepidoptera106
107.sea of tranquility431
108.see me see you439
109.shadows on the sky408
110.she said433
112.silver wings406
113.sip of wine486
114.skin flicks408
115.someone there you know422
116.song for dying370
117.song for you380
118.song with no meaning401
120.spirit on the water375
123.summer soldier371
124.sweet jesus430
125.taking me higher653
126.taking some time on404
127.teenage heart411
128.thank you709
129.the great mining disaster370
130.the great unknown401
131.the iron maiden403
132.the life you lead380
133.the poet436
134.the song they love to sing410
135.the sun will never shine443
136.the time of our lives402
137.the world goes on368
138.three weeks to despair416
140.took me so long406
141.turn the key340
142.turning in circles376
143.ursula the swansea song414
144.vanessa simmons385
145.victims of circumstance430
146.waiting for the right time445
147.waiting on the borderline386
148.watching you342
149.welcome to the show417
150.when the world was woken386
151.where do we go425
152.who do we think we are372
153.yesterdays heroes465
154.you need love399
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