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the arrogant worms, the arrogant worms arklar, the arrogant worms ark szleri
1.a man has needs404
2.a night on dildo488
3.a real letter from a real yahoo435
4.big fat road manager534
5.billy, the themepark shark397
6.boy band465
7.canadas really big555
8.car full of pain485
9.carrot juice is murder449
10.celine dion645
11.christmas blues457
12.christmas hangover442
13.christmas in ignace460
14.christmas is almost here456
15.christmas sucks436
16.christmas turkey blues427
18.dad threw up on christmas day422
20.dog food woman470
21.dont go into politics498
22.goin huntin624
23.great to be a nerd445
24.having fun is bad for you451
25.heimlich maneuver498
27.i am cow565
28.i want to look like arnold463
29.in the war of442
30.jesus brother bob647
31.johnny came home headless355
32.kill the dog next door414
33.killer robots from venus421
34.let there be guns415
35.lets go bowling657
36.log in to you626
37.login to you another version545
38.lonely lab of broken hearts494
39.losing hair under god410
41.mounted animal nature trail427
42.my voice is changing411
43.no sale/no store491
44.oh god, im santa claus471
45.proud t o be a banker419
46.proud to be canadian404
47.rippy the gator448
48.rocks and trees457
49.sam, the guy from quincy436
50.santa got arrested443
51.santas gonna kick your ass733
52.scary ned548
53.sex, drugs, and rrsps708
55.steel drivin man515
56.the ballad of dan427
57.the canadian crisis song405
58.the christmas song400
59.the credit song411
60.the fishing song439
61.the gaelic song487
62.the happy happy birthday song1285
63.the hockey song478
64.the last saskatchewan pirate398
65.the last sensitive cowboy391
66.the mountie song388
67.the same christmas cake410
68.things are looking bad for santa418
69.tokyo love song416
70.tv weather guy408
71.vincent the christmas virus395
72.waiting to sell out367
73.william shakespeares in my cat636
75.wongs chinese buffet550
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