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texas, texas arklar, texas ark szleri
1.alone with you485
2.beautiful angel471
4.black eyed boy557
6.day after day435
7.drawing crazy patterns432
8.dream hotel532
9.early hours640
10.everyday now562
11.fade away467
13.fearing these days426
14.fight the feeling461
15.fool for love454
16.future is promises473
18.good advice457
19.guitar song403
21.hear me now476
22.i dont want a lover443
23.i want to go to heaven451
24.in demand533
25.in my heart472
26.in our lifetime458
27.inner smile525
29.ive been missing you655
30.listen to me568
31.mothers heaven492
32.move in628
33.one choice423
34.polo mint city716
36.prayer for you481
37.put your arms around me602
40.say what you want425
41.so called friend548
42.so in love with you921
43.summer son539
44.sunday afternoon488
45.sunday is the saddest day426
46.tell me the answer435
47.tell me why476
48.the day before i went away441
49.the hush445
50.this will all be mine601
51.thrill has gone467
52.ticket to lie445
53.walk the dust380
54.when we are together447
55.white on blonde465
56.why believe in you425
57.winters end526
58.wrapped in clothes of blue419
59.you owe it all to me411
60.youve got to live a little784
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