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tanita tikaram, tanita tikaram arklar, tanita tikaram ark szleri
1.amore si619
2.any reason465
3.back in your arms552
5.cathedral song519
6.consider the rain515
7.deliver me528
9.feeding the witches613
10.good tradition537
11.happy taxi482
12.harm in your hand520
13.heal you756
14.hot pork sandwiches459
15.hot stones583
16.i dont wanna lose at love554
17.i grant you442
18.i knew you563
19.i like this457
20.i love the heavens solo766
21.i love you682
22.i might be crying419
23.i owe it all to you440
24.if i ever426
25.it all came back today445
26.im going home679
27.leaving the party472
28.light up the world538
29.little sister leaving town581
30.love dont need no tyranny488
31.love story464
32.lovers in the city412
33.me in mind466
34.men & women635
35.mud in any water535
36.my love tonight665
37.never known573
38.once and not to speak469
39.only the ones we love522
40.out on the town425
41.preyed upon436
42.sometime with me513
43.stop listening408
45.sunsets arrived501
46.swear by me507
47.the cappuccino song all my life442
48.the way that i want you453
49.this stranger503
50.thursdays child498
51.to drink the rainbow442
52.to wish this468
54.twist in my sobriety701
55.valentine heart419
56.we almost got it together421
57.women who cheat on the world443
58.wonderful shadow415
59.world outside your window417
60.yodelling song484
61.you make the whole world cry456
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