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love, love arklar, love ark szleri
1. and is577
2.a house is not a motel395
3.a message to pretty378
4.alone again or606
5.and more603
7.bummer in the summer415
8.cant explain767
9.colored balls falling532
11.hey joe495
12.laughing stock387
13.live and let live396
14.maybe the people would be the times or between clark and hilldale400
15.mushroom clouds507
16.my flash on you363
17.my little red book461
18.no matter what you do447
19.old man460
20.orange skies524
21.que vida568
23.she comes in colors415
24.signed d c602
25.softly to me378
26.stand out592
27.stephanie knows who374
28.the castle581
29.the daily planet407
30.the good humor man he sees everything like this401
31.the red telephone399
32.you are something446
33.you ill be following683
34.you set the scene405
35.your mind and we belong together382
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