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louise, louise arklar, louise ark szleri
1. faced423
2.all of you374
3.all that matters356
4.arms around the world342
5.back to love367
6.beautiful inside463
7.bed time416
8.better next time346
9.city boy fix586
11.do me right396
12.dont be shy506
13.egyptian queen412
14.first kiss the wedding song376
15.for your eyes only619
16.goodbye to love398
17.happy love401
18.healing love576
19.how in the world376
20.how you make me feel422
21.i gave you my love385
22.i pray448
23.in our room492
24.in walked love400
26.ill fly away694
27.just when i thought340
28.keep the lovin in470
29.lets go round again630
30.light of my life473
32.love will bring you back to my heart377
34.never too late369
35.new york moon407
36.one kiss from heaven401
37.real love384
38.reminds me of you399
39.running back for more475
40.shut up and kiss me628
41.take you there403
42.thats the way i like it607
43.thats what friends are for571
44.the best that you bring368
45.the best thing415
46.thinking about you baby579
47.trust in you434
48.undivided love386
49.when will my heart beat again466
50.who do you love396
51.woman in me443
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