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louis armstrong, louis armstrong arklar, louis armstrong ark szleri
1.a kiss to build a dream on402
2.aint misbehavin514
3.alexanders ragtime band487
4.all of me463
5.baby, its cold outside452
6.back o town blues675
7.basin street blues479
8.big butter and egg man419
9.blue skies439
10.blueberry hill395
11.bye bye blues474
13.cest si bon its so good731
14.do you know what it means to miss new orleans423
15.dont fence me in514
16.dont get around much anymore446
17.dream a little dream of me1692
18.fantastic, thats you543
19.georgia on my mind372
20.give me your kisses374
21.go down moses772
22.gone fishin522
23.hello brother600
24.hello, dolly499
26.honeysuckle rose422
27.i cant give you anything but love534
28.i got rhythm569
29.i guess ill get the papers and go home413
30.its been a long, long time507
31.ill see you in my dreams582
32.jeepers creepers870
33.la vie en rose3215
34.lazy river376
36.mack the knife376
37.moon river1364
38.nobody knows the trouble ive seen604
39.ohdidnt he ramble433
40.on the sunny side of the street494
41.only you and you alone744
42.saint louis blues399
43.st james infirmary492
45.sweet georgia brown446
46.that lucky old sun just rolls around heaven all day363
47.thats my desire708
48.the home fire402
49.the sunshine of love372
50.there must be a way381
51.way down yonder in new orleans411
52.what a wonderful world364
53.what did i do to be so black and blue375
54.when the saints go marching in500
55.when you wish upon a star399
56.when your smiling419
58.wont you come home bill bailey436
59.you cant lose a broken heart524
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