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lord finesse, lord finesse arklar, lord finesse ark szleri
1.baby, you nasty401
2.back to back rhyming391
3.bad mutha573
4.brainstorm/psk no gimmicks remix443
5.check the method423
6.fat for the s619
7.flip da style443
8.food for thought390
9.fuck em662
10.funky on the fast tip386
11.funky technician416
13.here i come433
14.hey look at shorty427
15.hip da game440
16.i keep the crowd listening407
17.i like my girls with a boom367
18.isnt he something542
19.just a little something385
20.keep it flowing380
21.kicking flavor with my man408
22.lesson to be taught430
23.no gimmicks409
24.o lord510
25.party over here423
26.praise the lord487
27.return of the funky man429
28.return of the funky man remix -393
29.save that shit427
30.set it off troop399
31.shorties kaught in the system481
32.show em how we do things701
33.slave to my soundwave404
34.soul plan435
35.speak ya peace411
36.stop sweating the next man360
37.strictly for the ladies411
38.thats how smooth i am568
39.track the movement411
40.true and livin572
41.underworld operations402
42.yes you may482
43.yes you may funk flow mix437
44.you know what im about582
45.you know what im about original version442
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