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linda davis, linda davis arklar, linda davis ark szleri
1.a family tie382
2.after a kiss361
3.always will407
4.company time374
5.dont you want my love574
6.from the inside out527
7.hes in dallas588
8.how can i make you love me441
9.i took the torch out of his old flame468
10.i wanna remember this412
11.if i could live your life401
12.if promises were gold374
13.in pictures397
14.im yours592
15.love didnt do it595
16.love story in the making372
17.make it through378
18.neither one of us417
19.she doesnt ask700
20.shoot for the moon483
21.some things are meant to be403
22.there isnt one638
23.three way tie422
24.through the cracks414
25.walk away339
26.what do i know400
27.when you took your love away467
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