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level 42, level 42 arklar, level 42 ark szleri
1.a floating life359
2.a kinder eye356
3.a pharaohs dream of endless time480
4.a physical presence451
5.all she wants375
6.almost there434
7.are you hearing what i hear420
8.as years go by398
9.at this great distance541
10.autumn paradise is free382
11.billys gone474
12.children say378
13.coup detat647
14.dance on heavy weather333
15.dont bother me608
16.dream crazy356
17.dune tune778
18.eyes waterfalling445
19.fashion fever536
20.follow me367
21.forever now452
22.foundation and empire467
23.freedom someday417
24.good man in the storm412
27.heaven in my hands379
28.her big day405
29.hot water378
30.hours by the window363
31.i dont know why552
32.i sleep on my heart403
33.i want eyes386
34.if you were mine399
35.its not the same for us615
36.its over521
37.kansas city milkman393
38.lasso the moon412
39.last chance374
40.learn to say no385
41.leaving me now394
42.lessons in love387
43.love games652
44.love in a peacefull world356
45.love meeting love542
46.lying still435
49.model friend412
50.my fathers shoes509
51.my hero386
52.one in a million389
53.out of sight, out of mind387
54.over there332
56.past lives423
58.play me364
60.running in the family356
61.set me up353
62.seven days404
63.seven years326
64.she cant help herself507
66.something about you366
67.standing in the light324
69.staring at the sun403
70.take a look318
71.take care of yourself451
72.talking in your sleep734
73.the ape647
74.the bends368
75.the chant has begun300
76.the chinese way447
77.the machine stops633
78.the pursuit of accidents638
79.the sleepwalkers403
80.the sun goes down382
81.the sunbed song358
82.time will heal365
83.to be with you again409
85.true believers417
86.turn it on384
87.two hearts collide394
88.two solitudes350
89.wave your spell374
90.why are you leaving342
91.wings of love394
92.with a little love435
93.world machine377
94.you cant blame louis454
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