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leslie phillips, leslie phillips arklar, leslie phillips ark szleri
1.answers dont come easy551
2.beating heart413
3.beyond saturday night436
4.black and white in a grey world506
5.bring me through454
6.by my spirit454
7.carry you633
8.dancing with danger481
12.give em all youve got tonight641
13.god is watching you394
14.heart of hearts461
15.here he comes with my heart455
16.hes gonna hear your cryin499
17.hiding in the shadows424
19.i wont let it come between us508
20.im finding635
21.let me give459
22.libera me537
23.light of love412
24.love is not lost455
25.powder room politics440
27.put your heart in me426
28.river of love409
29.smoke screen403
30.song in the night417
31.strength of my life444
32.the more i know you444
33.the turning603
34.tug of war480
35.walls of silence405
36.when the world is new507
37.will they love him495
38.your kindness463
39.youre my lord938
40.youre the same578
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