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lea salonga, lea salonga arklar, lea salonga ark szleri
1.a dream is a wish your heart makes482
2.a flame for you376
3.a long, long time ago396
4.afraid for love to fade392
5.alphabet song2654
6.anything for you389
7.bakit labis kitang mahal419
8.can we just stop & talk awhile395
9.cant smile without you537
11.dont know what to do, dont know what to say448
12.even if443
13.every time we fall392
15.finish what you started449
16.friend of mine374
17.give a little bit of smile420
18.give me a chance457
19.happiness duet with gerard salonga475
20.happy birthday song468
21.heaven tonight391
22.how can i374
23.i am but a small voice510
24.i dont love you anymore duet with ariel rivera541
25.i honestly love you437
26.i need you back383
27.i remember the boy378
28.i still believe duet with charlie masso558
29.i still believe in love414
30.i think im in love535
31.i wanna little love417
32.i will always stay this way in love with you388
33.if i give my heart to you483
34.its just good-bye534
35.id like to teach the world to sing476
38.lessons of love414
39.let the pain remain392
40.lupa man ay langit na rin491
43.minsan, isang kahapon534
44.mula noon, hanggang ngayon456
45.nandito ako481
46.ngayon pa lang tagumpay ka na duet with cris villonco479
47.once upon a life430
48.only you857
50.please naman448
51.rainbow connection454
52.reachin out755
53.remind my heart391
54.sa ugoy ng duyan849
55.say that you love me455
57.someones waiting for you484
58.somewhere over the rainbow397
59.special memory515
60.tagumpay nating lahat619
61.tell me401
62.thank you for the music378
63.that situation duet with menudo344
64.the greatest love of all380
65.the journey388
66.till i met you400
68.top of the world395
69.umbrella song370
70.vision of you443
71.we could be in love duet with brad kane399
72.when you wish upon a star453
73.where is love653
75.youre my home848
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