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my melself ark sz

what do i do to ignore them behind me?
do i follow my instincts blindly?
do i hide my pride / from these bad dreams
and give in to sad thoughts that are maddening?
do i / sit here and try to stand it?
or do i / try to catch them red ? handed?
do i trust some and get fooled by phoniness,
or do i trust nobody and live in loneliness?
because i can?t hold on / when i?m stretched so thin
i make the right moves but i?m lost within
i put on my daily facade but then
i just end up getting hurt again
by myself [myself]
i ask why, but in my mind
i find i can?t rely on myself

i can?t hold on
to what i want when i?m stretched so thin
it?s all too much to take in
i can?t hold on
to anything watching everything spin
with thoughts of failure sinking in

if i
turn my back i?m defenseless
and to go blindly seems senseless
if i hide my pride and let it all go on / then they?ll
take from me ?till everything is gone
if i let them go i?ll be outdone
but if i try to catch them i?ll be outrun
if i?m killed by the questions like a cancer
then i?ll be buried in the silence of the answer
[by myself]

how do you think / i?ve lost so much
i?m so afraid / i?m out of touch
how do you expect / i will know what to do
when all i know / is what you tell me to
don?t you know
i can?t tell you how to make it go
no matter what i do, how hard i try
i can?t seem to convince myself why
i?m stuck on the outside

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