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the day after ark sz

[explosion, people screaming, glass shatters]
the day after... the day after...

"are we on the air? yes, we are live at the scene
of this tragic accident, where a car has ran into a building.
the person in the car was positively identified as rap star twista.
apparently, he went _kamikaze_. the big question is,
will the rapper survive?"

[syleena johnson]
youre gonna make it, youre gonna make it
you got a right to survive, ohhh, youre gonna make it
youre gonna make it - youve gotta fiiiight

[twista + (s.j.)]
now it was a war it was like i was in vietnam
but i kill em all, cause _kamikaze_ was the bomb
got a strap to my back and i ran in if i was a terrorist
got em all scanned at this presidents head everybody be calm
die for my belief, but got out the rubbish because it
this cup of death, death was not yet meant for me to drink from it
thinkin how could i ever survive, i knew i was ready to ride
i even had c4 duct taped to my stomach but uhh
(you got a right to survive)
but you gotta have will and always be ready to come off the wall
they gon be willin to test you and catch you if you talk the talk
but ima keep on with the struggle fuck leavin my body in chalk
(youre gonna make it)
look at me now cause im standin on top of the globe (say what)
makin big money for spittin my popular flow (say what)
now look at the swagger of a platinum veteran servin em medicine
its not a given to work cause im choppin them os
cant fuck with the swagger the haters just look at me nigh
im stickin them daggers in haters just look at them cry
the shit dont affact us effect us they wanna imagine
they take us lay em on the back, im makin em look at the sky
if i think they cool, i give em a dutch
if they break the rules, i give em a crutch
if they on the come up and i feel em i give em some dust
if they talkin shit ima bust at em and get em to hush
get away clean, go high on the meter, i got the streetsweeper
a creeper believe i get deep as the word of a preacher (and i)
lyrical retriever but good with them heaters
when im full of passion and fury like when you listen to syleena (and i)
went multi-platinum when i stepped on enemy grounds
now bodies all over the world is fin to be found
and _kamikaze_ was successful now cmon and feel _the day after_
twista done blew up and tore the whole industry down

[syleena johnson]
youre gonna make it, youre gonna make it
you got a right to survive, ohhh, youre gonna make it
youre gonna make it - youve gotta fiiiight
ohhhhh yeah yeah yeah, yeahhhhh
youre gonna make it, if you believe it, you can get it
youre gonna make it, youve gotta fight [fades]


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