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so sexy ark sz

[intro: r. kelly]
uhh, uhh (uh-huh) uhh
yeah, this is for all the sexy ladies out there
uhh.. walkin around downtown
shoppin at the malls, yeah
.. i see you in your sexy jeans
manicure, pedicure mamis
your hair is good, yeah, i see you

[chorus: r. kelly]
ladies! (youre.. so.. se-xy) so sexy
(per-fect.. for.. me) and i like you
(youre.. so.. se-xy) so sexy
(per-fect.. for.. me) and this is for

[verse one: twista]
my ladies that be steady sippin cris
always lookin nice, put some ice on they belly or they wrist
girls that be thick off in they thigh, i wanna kick it in the chi
they gon be fuckin with some kelly and the twist
baby now look, model girls, gucci and prada girls
and all the ghetto divas in the hood
women that be steady stackin ends
rollin lexus or benz with rims and know how to keep it lookin good
go on witcha fine thick ass
somebody gon snatch you so i gotta make you mine quick fast
see i come and pass, i dont really wanna wonder
so i gotta put her numbers on my sidekick fast
rollin witcha mob workin hard, gettin money, pullin capers
if i aint got papers you will bring me some beans home
supervisor givin orders on the job
but you still lookin good with them skin-tight jeans on
lookin hot in them heels, i think i want that
come and back it up to the bottom of my throwback
with you rollin yo rims lookin like a kodak
watch i drive i wanna smoke, she will roll that
miss mobstress rollin with the hardest
holdin it down like a female joe pesci
and i wanna make her a made woman
and i hope she gon let me, cause she looks so sexy

[interlude: r. kelly]
ohh! and this is for them girls that be wantin - the d
and this is for them girls that be lovin - the d
and this is for them girls that be ridin - the d
the ones that like to keep the d up inside em now
so many girls off up in the mall boy a nigga be in the club (ohh!)
soon as one of them walk by me and i be like, "yo whassup?"


[verse two: r. kelly]
all the shrimp and lobster honeys, downtown shoppin honeys
stayin on the grind, gotcha own car and crib honeys
dro puffers, remi sippers, v.i.p. real honeys
no dummies, takin no shit from a nigga thats full of shit honeys



[verse three: twista]
me and my clique was - rollin thick on 24s on a dirty lick
met a chick, lookin fine and her measures was
36-24-36, come here shorty
aint no reason to be scared of us
lovin how you do your own thang
and how you smokin on your own flame
lookin finer than a girl that be groovin on soul train
i try to to hit her with some cold game
i hope she - feel me; try to holla at a shorty
get a better vibe wit her while im sippin on my - henny
i wanna kiss her on her body
but i gotta make her holla while im givin her - dutty
gotta really love a girl
they know to kick it but she know she gotta make that - money
goin shoppin for the minks and the leather
but come back and bounce that ass - for me
my east coast girls, thats whats up
tell my southside shorties we can get it crunk
my cali girl make it bounce like a six-fo
my chi girl bust down, make it straight buck
when i see up all the girls that get down for hers
i gotta get up wit her if she gon let me
career woman with some goals, fuck the broke-ass hoes
baby girl cause you look so sexy




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