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party hoes ark sz


[liffy stokes]
you looking chilliy wit yo thick ass
i know you got plenty niggas out there who trick cash
i damn near caught whiplash as you walked pass
fucked up the blunt ashes
peepin your script perpetrating you high
youz a rat in disguise i see the freak in you eyes
you got between your thighs from fuckin to many guys
and yet still you play the sweet role but we know
that you juggle dicks like slot machines at a casino
im high as hell so im flaotin
up in the party tokin
a 44 max and nigga dont jack
cause i blast away fuck up a niggas whole day
get the wildin and shoot this btich up in the party
mobsta style you aint had a thug in a while
i hit her wit the proposition as shes peepin me out
so whats the lick shorty? fuck the game me or the lane
she hoped in the range and then her attitude changed
she said "i know you fool you one of them mobsta niggas"
"who rap wit twista, wheres he at" fired up wit some liquor
hold tight shorty we almost at the city inn
i told maze about the lick soon as he buzzed me in

[chorus 2x]
baby if you want to party tonight
then let me see you touch your toes
and show me you a party hoe
i got my niggas you got your girls
cause bitch we fucked the world and how do we hurl
only if you partying hoe

i gotta confess i think im obsessed wit group sex
yo lets have a contest and see who do it the best
inside of nubian flesh make me wanna get undressed
tap that ass from the back cause baby your bodies blessed
and your friend to she bend too
bust out some ginseng brew so i can dick your whole crew
thats the shit im into pass some pussy to my guys
put my dick in your mouth shoot the loogy in your eye
i dont wanna socialize im just trying to get bucked
so after you get fucked you hoes gotta raise up
bumpin out just blaze up big ol b and the ts
kick off the party wit you and your homies or your knees
while yall party to see who got the most superb herb
nigga stokes gonna stroke that ass wit the killa curb
till sober and then do it over again
cause who ever taste the most dick is the one to win
so open them thighs wide while a nigga slide in
let me see how many different ways your body can bend
trippin on liff spinnin your girl like he gonna miss her
while im opening the door for my niggaro twista


oh gody what a sexy body you likes to party bitch come on get bucked
i gots to get some if i cant bust one gots to get fucked
immaculate love get wit the look up at the ceiling lens
a pen of friends bring the rhemy in im sinner sinning sin
come up inside surprise pour heny in a glass
pretties is fast im glad squeezing tities and ass
freakin at last maze and liff happy ever so horny
and one of them bonin what im gonna do now all of them want me
they slobbin and bobbin steady mobbin and globbin
like they slob whenever they party
but this big fat thick bitch made my dick hard
no that its swollen she choking
while her cheeks parted open the bitch started stroking
and im hoping the girl is hot and soakin, play wit her emotions
talk about a chi-town po pimp
lets flash the gold and wether or not get the dough gotta grab fo fin
mo freaks came thinking i dont want em i show
i got a gun, put you mouth around my scrotum and hold em
and catchin me bring that ass to me i have to see
maze broke after me all of us going ugh!! like masta p
boys is laughin cause we got the girls partying up
how they get fucked stroll to bobbys we grab the shoties and bust

[chorus 2x]

chicago got the party hoes to get bucked
oakland city got the party hoes to get bucked
k-town got the party hoes to get bucked
the westside got the party hoes to get bucked
detroit got the party hoes to get bucked
puerto pico got the party hoes to get bucked
cleveland got the party hoes to get bucked
la got the party hoes to get bucked
tokyo got the party hoes to get bucked
atl got the party hoes to get bucked
northbound got the party hoes to get bucked
the projects got the party hoes to get bucked
trinidad got the party hoes to get bucked
big green got the party hoes to get bucked
southside got the party hoes to get bucked
the coins got the party hoes to get bucked
even teal got the party hoes to get bucked
east and west coast got the party hoes to get bucked


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