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one last time ark sz

you dont wanna see these murder guys,
princess cuts hurt ya eyes,
got tha chicks that work them thighs,
pull the top back on the prowler,
like tha car aint circumcised
burglarize hoes,
leave ya eyes closed,
bricks in my truck while i ride slow,
smoke yo fire dro,
no repercussions,
he was disgusting,
turn my volume under ten,
to keep my speakers from busting,
if them people come rushin,
cant say i froze,
wont open the doors,
bout time they caught up,
i done exposed of my outer clothes,
car in tha garage,
i say good god,
my day was hard,
call two freaks up for tha menage trios,
parlaying hard,
sade was suave
when we was screwing,
sheets was ruin
if beef is brewing,
imma put slugs deep into,
money they be pursuing,
the nerve of these jealous bastards fo hatin,
master my patience,
them custom wood grain caskets is waitin,
passion for satin
they must have
gave them a blood bath
had to show them who really holdin shit down wit they tuff ass,
we alias
they wishin they be us,
cant three eighty us,
cause well wreck everything within a ten-block radius,
when ya see me betta speak with love,
or leak some blood,
i got connections with all type of bm, chiefs, and govs
deeply plugged who gotta retire from crime
bout to hit that big lick
so we gonna pull it

one last time
i got some good news man,
some good news,
we gone come up if we just make this quick move
lay it all on the line,
hitem in the body and da dome,
left tha after party wit tha chrome
come up wit a milly
soon as everybody know that im gone
cause i made it mama your son hes a success,
now you aint got no reason to stress
gotta keep it gangsta,
cause ima hustla
do it like a balla,
cause ima a mobsta

[verse 2]
cause it only takes a second to pop me a snitch,
call up my connection and cop me a brick,
and he sent a chezovoceian chick,
she was actin cocky and shit,
she like watchin blow at the hotel
wit big dreams to never stop being rich,
and she wasnt too sloppy wit dick,
said when she get on she was gonna cop me a six,
platinum blue spreewell shoes,
detail smooth,
on some mickey and malery me and my female crews,
type of demo whats tha beno
i gave her two six plus ten four,
thats twelve five for the brick,
and five hundred for the plane and limo,
plain and simple called my guy and toldem thanks and send more,
meditating plot on my lick when i smell them frankensen blow,
do my thugdizle i aint scared of this,
fly ya head like peagus,
bloody up that necklace,
hoe ima aries,
them terrorist fucked up tha lick when sendin chicks on tha plane,
put a major glitch in tha game
but im get me them thangs
as i come wit new ways to travel watch my shorties get on em
comin back wit pound and packages wit tha scorpions on them,
of course we been on them,
niggas know they two for forty and wantem
i done seen truck load wit more keys than accordion
and you think im past up that quick fast dust,
let me mask up
that aint a fast truck,
get yo ass stuffed,


[verse 3]
i spit words that be gangsta shit
make hustla tip and ballers rich,
hatters sick mobsta hitz,
im tha shit,
you cant see me visit the optometrist,
cars i flip unorthodox like dr. bonovich,
prada lic but nigga got whooped,
should of seen shit was funny,
my old connection he got reason to gun me,
i know he took tha money,
even if i probably wrong,
turn down tha volume,
shoot him on plastic to lay his body on,
fuckin marcon,
two to tha caveza,
pincha puto,
that ring on your pinky was too cold,
got pinch for two os,
and a half brick my staff is sick,
had him confess like a catholic,
always thought things was funny now you dont laugh at shit,
stupid bastard bitch,
never fuck wit twista, turtle banxxs, and stokes,
coming up dro flowin slangin dope
i tried to chill,
but when i see a lic to make the world mine,
on tha love,
i think i got to pull it,



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