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mobstability ark sz

[liffy stokes]
mobsta elites back up in this muthafuck em (bitch)
and we airin out all you playa-hatin-lame-ass niggas
and we on this laid-back track, something smooth
eh yo, mayz, whatcha don do, kick it

and ride on, niggas get your high on
while we pump this shit to vibe on
the muthafuckin mobsta elitell leave you breathless
when we hit you like this
early in the morning, hop into the chevy caprice
im hurtin, so im thinkin of ways to gettin paid
cheddar in a bundle, fifties and hundreds and g stacks
if i could just hit that big lick i could relax
and ease back off of thuggin and stick to hustlin
concentrate on paper and let the shorties do the bustin
while i motivate on power moves, you live be coward rules
singing the blues while i pack shit thatll knock you out your shoes
cause im a fool playing the game of the streets
claiming elites, making sure my family eats
we roll and it flees, bunkin niggas out of their seats
while mobbin on beats, soon niggas cant back down or retreat
preventing mine, just doing petty crimes, im not petty or nice
standin in line, calmly waitin on my time to shine
cause when i shine, ima glisten
as all the heads come up missing
ima slide in and assume the position
my moms stick thick, who the killas and convicts
bulletproof now, pistol holsters under the arm pits
ready to go out in the blaze of glory
standin firm on the deck makin the front-page story

when your mobs at your side and theyre ready to ride, nigga
(nigga, thats mobstability)
and when you go from movin os to keys for more cheese
(fool, thats mobstability)
and when its money over bitches cause youre stackin your riches
(playa, thats mobstability)
gettin your mind right for payin for the year 2g
(gotsta be mobstability)

[liffy stokes]
i heard a raw beat, somebody told me the funk did it
but if trax didnt do it i cant fuck it
cause its a family thang
you know chi-towns the motherland of the wild
the chain of mobsters and gangs
but were the elite few that just cant be contained
tippin only the plane, determine its about the game
like a playa stays the same, aint tryin to act strange to change
cause the more paper you got, the more you got to slang
and theres more haters to bang cause they all want a piece
you got to be slick as grease cause they want the playas deceased
restin in peace
but my mottos simply too tight for you to threaten my life
with a knife, gun or mic
you dont really wanna fight so just swallow your pride
before i come inside your crib and kidnap the shorty and bride
every nigga alive wish he had a psycho status
will your punks ready to ride so the bitches can come at us
in the city of thugs, police, politicians and drugs
if they aint passin the bubble, niggas carry a grudge, but no love
so i dont give a muthafuck if you killin me
im pissin out headshots, protestin my mobstability


if im not into nothing, i dont feel right
so i circle the block strapped
watching the workers while they circle muthafuckas at night
they work to tippin me cause dope fiends aint wangers
these wanches are skanches, this aint just how the cracks and hiatus
my crew react tamers than sweat hogs, to protect that (?) bomb
but no teflon, your flesh was tearin, for the love of this heron
i bare arms and im quick to snatch cards to those who react hard
dont judge these, got you robbed, ima get more cheddar for my black mob
my legion is broke down into sections to run every regions
slugs and thugs, rifles for rifles cause we walk every season
having shootin apartments, cars with hidden compartments for po-pos
zip polos holding pistolos and mobstas know those
sooner then booted, looted then zooted, (?) shoes so can i
automatics but semi, then i, watches your midnight
cause i be handlin my function when the nine-milliter get to jumpin
dumpin on niggas who claimin my muthafuckas aint worth for nothin
im bustin, hows game i peep when i was a shorty
having big dreams on money, cars and bitches by the time i reach forty
nation affiliation, dummy paper-chase and willin
for pay probabilities only seen through mobtability, feelin me



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