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heartbeat ark sz

[intro: 2x]
heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, breathe nigga breathe

[verse one]
oh, twista told you dont make him mad
you wont like me when im mad, im a motherfucking beast
try nigga, imma ride nigga, you still alive nigga
gon die nigga, gon drop, cause aint no room at the top
walk in the room like im pac, bringing you doom when i rock
its suicide nigga, blood stains nigga, nuts hang nigga
bust them motherfuckers from my black, mustang nigga
yes i shot them with the pound, got them with the rounds
hollow point to lay his motherfucking body on the ground
now you breathing and shacking cold, hoping that god dont take your soul
with two bitch straps and a vest is just the only way to roll
now if you dont wanna die, then i suggest you better try
breathe hard, hold on to your life, fight nigga

[chorus: 2x]
can you feel your, heartbeat?
you still got a, heartbeat
they can take away your, heartbeat
be strong nigga, breathe nigga breathe
can you feel your, heartbeat?
you still got a, heartbeat
they can take away your, heartbeat
dont die nigga, breathe nigga breathe

[verse two]
a demon in the club, got them leaning in the club
hit them with the screwed voice, i got her screaming in the club
pull up on the sista, according to the scripture
ima break em off again, when i met them off in the twista
shit, im coming with the pistol, when i gotta kill em up
apocalyptic imma get em, when i hit em up
fill his body up wit holes, and the terror that will follow
will have a nigga hit the deck, when i send it up
put the pipe to your dome, i dont give a fuck about right from wrong
i get in the club, a nigga be feeling so bold
but if a nigga talk shit, ill go right for the chrome
then when you come back, come and see me do it worse
ima shoot the vehicle up put your body in a hearse
bring you back alive like the bullets was a curse
making the drive or put the ride in reverse
dont wanna die again better get up in the wind
cuz a nigga kinda handy with the black four fin
or i gotta hit him wit the millimeter nine or the rhyme
either way itll be a flat line

[chorus: 2x]

you still alive nigga
you still alive nigga
you still alive nigga
well gon die nigga


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