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dreams ark sz

[chorus 2x]
hey lover, am i the only one
or are you selling your baby a dream
(am i who you thinkin of, who you thinkin of)
hey lover boy, am i the only one
or are you selling your baby a dream
(am i a sucker for love, a sucker for love)

damn, im trippin cause i never really felt like this
to me women used to be only fuck boxes
but its like with you i cherish every kiss
i know its a risk but you make me wanna come clean
i wanna make you my queen
put you in a crib and give you plenty green
to help you fulfill all your childhood dreams
only for your love i fiend
cause the way you put it on me make me wanna scream
and fuck you in places you aint never seen
like a private boat as we float down stream
yeah i already know you done heard this before
but the way you make me feel is real
playas dont love no hoes but stayin true like you do
got me head over heals, so tell me whats the deal, baby
cause you lookin too fine to not be mine
and i aint gon never be satisfied
unless youre on my side to the end of time
i can tell you think im lying
but i swear to you girl this aint no scheme
you stay on my mind, even in my sleep
you keep a nigga havin wet dreams, on the real

[chorus 2x]

[liffy stokes]
from the first time i met ya, you was on my mind all night
a maybelene queen with a body too tight
wearin black and white and some brand new mikes
draped in ice, attitude nice
you the type of woman that i need in my life
to add a little spice, cookin nigga steak and rice
i can see us one day man and wife
walkin down the aisle, havin our first child
plus our marriage worth while
with a brand new lifestyle, i could walk that mile
but baby i need you right now
in my arms caressin me
i can see your eyes undressing me
girl its destiny and love is the recipe
but this ways got the best of me
on everything, i can guarantee you better things
if you just get rid of "whats his name"
and let me in your world
so i can show you, baby, that my love is real and not a game
so can a brother come through
so i can show you, boo, just exactly what i mean
it dont matter if you fuck me tonight or next month
babe, only time can reveal a dream

[chorus 2x]

baby ill drink your bath water about a pint
think im ever gon give your love away, uh-uh
i aint sayin you never lovin another nice stud but shit
im cravin you every night and we just met on a night
but it seems like ive been knowin you all my life
aint it funny how you be thinkin you never be true enough, but you the one
a helpless seeks succumb, lovin you more than everything
but my dollars, ready to smok a sticky up through the lungs
i can see you havin my sons, screamin your name on my next tape deck
in the city, no hear my pretty go
quick to break a 54, put you on my video
young and witty hoe, the only thing im feelin pity for
i dont know what i was frontin on
but i dont see nothin wrong, sprung or gone
my every heartbeats weaker, follow the leader
i promise i wont hurt you baby
dont feel the heatseaker cause we gon be smokin on sweet cheeba
take my boo to the mall and go shopping until we fall
get you the finest things like diamond rings
even though my mind is strain, im tryin to change
how we fuck and kiss and the hugging make me bind the pain
no lying, no game, you gon give me some, hey now, we freakin up in the cut
cause i just sold you a dream hoe, like a girl did to my homie
your house was spittin and we fuckin the uh
a sucker for love, a sucker for love

[chorus 2x]

[conversation between 2 girls]


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