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badunkadunk ark sz

[chorus: jazze pha]
badunkadunk, all in your face when youre at the club,
badunkadunk, slide down the poll for the 30 dub,
badunkadunk, look at your ass girl, its so much fun,
badunkadunk, i tell the dj, i need a hundred ones,
badunkadunk, what? badunkadunk, rock yo!
badunkadunk, all that, badunkadunk bounce yo!
badunkadunk, big phat, badunkadunk i love yo!
badunkadunk, tell the dj, i need a hundred ones...

oooooh! shit, damn shawty, look at the motherfuckin fatty,
come to daddy, tell me what i gotta do to get you lickin in my custom caddy,
never wanna let you get up out the ride,
when i first took a look my mouth was wide,
lick a titty with them little bitty shorts you got on,
with the thighs hangin out tha side,
when you work it you gone hurt these other bitches,
hurtin em mean with the way you struttin,
even though you only walkin,
you still lookin like you shouldnt do that shit in public,
i can tell from right now what i see you workin with,
you aint even gotta ask for the blunt,
booty so phat, gaps so nice, you can see tha ass from the front,
you fittina hurt em how you twurk that thang,
you want me to hear when you pop it baby,
fell in love when you came up in club, with a whole bottle of mo,
dont pop it baby!,
i know you got up on some rump shaker contest,
let us see what you can do,
sip a little somethin while you bounce that ass,
girl you gotta badunkadunk,


now put that ass in burberry for tha bently,
now go on and put on a bikini for the lamborghini,
now let me see you in a car for the big grown,
love the way you shake it for the dollar,
holla at me when you see me,
now i dont wanna see nobody full of rigimortis,
go head and jiggle for tha more more money thats in his hands,
go head and hit tha shades with ya thick ass,
now come over here by the table and give me a lap dance,
bend it over come and get this dust,
gota a playa thinkin that be bout to cut,
gots to hit that from the back,
shorty gotta lil junk in her trunk,
look at how she make one butt-cheek freeze,
look at how she make the other cheek move fast,
look at how she switch, make the other cheek move,
then move both sides then clap that ass,
remember them times... when you met two shortys
and you really want the cutie,
but you let her slide... cuz the other gotta really big ol donkey booty,
now shorty think she fine, only if she really knew the truth,
i aint gone lie, girl twurk them thighs,
im in love with your big badunkadunk,


can you make it go wobbley-wobbley, come on and follow me,
take you on a ride on the oddesy and umm...
if you let it jiggley-jiggley, make it go wiggley,
baby you can never get rid of me and umm...
twurk something... oooh yeah...
yeah that booty softer then a teddy bear,
so phat i can barely stare, with a darier, thats scary there,
come and drop for a nigga named twista,
come and pop for me like a pistol,
got badunkadunks from a mob and got badunkadunks for jazze phizzle,
girl you deserve respect, you look so good girl i commned you,
the hottest thang on the menu,
when im off up in the strip club, i like to get you,
twurk that thang, bounce that ass,
work it all the way down to the floor,
climb to the top, shake it up-side down,
side of the motherfuckin floor,
work that crown, give a lap dance,
shake it like its for lady-groups,
take all the ballers to the v.i.p,
girl gon work yo badunkadunk,


[jazze pha]
shake that thang girl [repeat to the end of song]
[jazze pha talking]
this!... is a jazze phizzle product-shizzle,
my nizzle! hah!
twista!, chi-town, yeah
what? legit ballin daddy!
ooh!, we out daddy!


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