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art & life chi-roc ark sz

[intro: young chris]

young chris, m-es, free-wheez... tha boy twista...

my life on tha track... (okay...),
up and comin... state prop...
check game... (thats right...),
get low... (get low...),

its tha roc...
better than ever (holla)...

its tha motherfuckin roc bitch, you hotter than us?

(okay, okay)

[young chris]
ever since a young buck, i been on tha come up,
known to dish tha raw, dish tha law if they come up,
and cheddar till tha sun up...
if theres a ransom and tha law get involved, then we never get it summed up,
never put ya gun up, if ya come round me,
i go to war wit niggas round tha corner from round me,
you can front round me, but i read through that,
wit tha mili and i aint talkin bout no segal mac,
niggas see shoot back, we can see to that,
hit yo front letters see through back, bring yo peoples back,
and i used to grind out on my friends spot, till hes mom wanted my tim-bots,
now my paint got me discounts, or trans-quo all around tha world, like i was signed to
and if its ten targets and i got ten shots,
im tryin to leave at least hit nine out of them ten shot...

[memphis bleek]
i got my mind on my money, money on mind,
but some say its a gift, i dont write but i rhyme,
i, complete songs with just one try,
tell em its no lie, i (beef?) all my life dogg, i never think, its already there,
i find ways to say-it, so you motherfuckers hear-it,
and when you hear it you feel it, you know its real (so...),
this is how i live it, how its pictured for real, (nigga...),
im shittin for real...
diamonds against wood, underground king for real,
big crib when i lay, yeah im livin for real,
trust me tha guns come off tha shelf whenever shitll get real,
automatics and tha extended clips, thats what im hittin wit,
dummies in tha black rhinoes,
(yeah...) they be killin shit,
mask up kidnap shit, thats how my niggas get,
chi-town, nyc, thats how my niggas get...

yes, just picture me rollin,
tha smith and wessonll stay goin put a hole in yo chest,
its just, another hustle paper gettin made and fold ya,
mad, you street niggas finally made it,
i swoop five, he know tha ride, heavily loaded,
deliver pies like cake, they go straight through yo payment, (yup...),
chump... you dont really wanna war,
with tha state prop clique, if ya clique shot us, (why us...?),
s-p game so damn tough, tha 4 4 in tha 5th tucked yall cant hang,
transporter turned rapper, get a can for to fill my life,
still acclompished, wanna fill they cups?
tha rap version of mandela call my bluff,
well still tha street dwellers feel my pain (my pain...),
i spit a verse and split a clip in tha rain,
a fool-proof when tha full force open you (what...?),

twista will rock you, you dont want tha thug apostle to pop you,
hostile when i drop you, turnin everything colossal to fossiles,
i speak street gospel, all they life i spit words and paint portraits,
for real niggas that hold down they fortress and serve off of porches,
hit em in tha body wit tha powerful forces, thatll end all your data,
make you clean up your house, bag up an ounce, hit tha dance floor and bounce,
we blessed wit tha talent, fuck wit this clique, it aint gon be easy,
cuz you fuckin wit twist if you fuck wit chris, bleek and free-wheezy,
so speak and breath easy... or to shoot yas my future in 3d,
i like whores, im from a city full of vice lords, and gds,
breeds, and souls, 2-6s, kings, vds and stones,
spanish cobras and all tha true soldiers survivin are gone,
watch me spit if for tha killers and hustlers, flippin all tha pounds and bricks,
hate on me ima bust at you hoes, and i put eleven down wit a clip,
niggas servin fiftys and hundreds, when i see you and im on yo tip,
twista and this east coast regime, its that chi-roc shit


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