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save the day ark sz

ten pounds too much to the naked eye
i dont take the bus because she drives
watermelon lipstick, and way too much
she got buttermilk smile and a thorny touch
street smart, like a courtney love
cant get enough hollywood stories of
anybody famous that can make her feel
like theyre all kinda friends in a way
no best friend, well one but shes crazy
grew up to end up a professor of lazy
the last of six kids that all left town
seems nobody ever wanted them around
but shes cool like a soda can sittin on ice
always orders sushi, only eats the rice
talks about j lo like theyre best of friends
i think she loves me, but it all depends

hey baby, i dont wanna be your superman
i just wanna be your man and ill be super, baby
youll be standin in the sun shine
ill be standin right here in the rain
you save me and i will save the day

i got a sweet gig rakin in the cash with karaoke
i get the crowd goin when i sing the hokey pokey
i shake it to the
left and then i shake it to the right
whats not to love, man im on tonight
i got the la stylie with the new york trim
keep my pants so low
its like im goin for a swim
i got the coppertone tan, like in mexico
well, not now but when i go, yea

i know you dont see me like a movie star
and it cant help much that i dont have no car
but youre my favorite thing, by far
thats gotta count for something


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