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im about to come alive ark sz

i can hear you downstairs crying on the phone
telling someone that im here but you still feel all alone
maybe we were too young
goodbye, ive gotta go
i can hear the baby waking up
got to get back to the life i know

i should have never believed him
maybe i should just leave him

maybe im not but youre all i got left to believe in
dont give up on me
im about to come alive
and i know that its been hard
and its been a long time coming
dont give up on me
im about to come alive

no one thought i was good enough for you
except for you
dont let them be right
after all that weve been through
cause somewhere over that rainbow
theres a place for me
a place with you

in every frame upon our wall
lies a face thats seen it all
through ups and downs and then more downs
we helped each other off of the ground
no one knows what weve been through
making it aint making it without you


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