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get to me ark sz

well an airplanes faster than a cadillac
and a whole lot smoother than a camels back
but i dont care how you get to me
just get to me
parasail or first class mail
get on the back of a nightingale
just get to me i dont care just get to me
prokeds, mopeds take a limousine instead
they aint cheap but theyre easy to find
get on the highway point yourself my way
take a roller coaster that comes in sideways
just get to me - yeah

go on hitch a ride on the back
of a butterfly
theres no better way to fly
to get to me
i look around at what i got
and without you, it aint a lot
but i got every, with you, everything

maybe you could pollinate over the
golden gate
take a left hand turn at the corner
of haight
and then a sharp right
at the first street light
and get yourself on a motor bike
and if you think youll get stuck in a
traffic jam
thats fine, send yourself through a telephone line
it doesnt matter how you get to me
just get to me

cause after every day
the wind blows the night time my way
and i imagine that you are
above me like a star
and you keep on glowing
and you keep on showing me the way
shine shine shine


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