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we dont give a fuck ark sz

[olivia harmonizing for 10 seconds]

[chorus: olivia]
we, we dont give a fuck about you
your homey on the block can get it too
yall lil motherfuckers aint gang-ster, save your
crew, before i put a hit out on you
before i let my niggaz come through
yall lil motherfuckers aint gang-ster, gang-ster

[50 cent]
i come creepin through your hood in the dead of the night boy
its good that you aint scared to die cause you might boy
nigga cross the line, and my wolvesll jump on you
the beef escalate, theyll be back to dump on you
they follow orders, i tell em to let off that pump at you
before you snitch, yeah see i know what you chumpsll do
sunny day, hot fudge, vanilla banana split
four niggaz in a whip, ak banana clip
war time, frontline, nigga ride or run and hide
everything alive dies, why ask why? why cry
man up, chump, worryin is for the weak
you could hold your own or get left for dead in the street


[tony yayo]
yeah, yeah
in the hood when i pop up, minked up and rocked up
niggaz ice grill cause these o.g.s is washed up
i got a left like, winky wright
my pinky bright, my bank cardll end your life
niggaz scheme but they sweeter than, cookiesncream
homey i got more blocks than hakeem the dream
that aint taskforce money, thats real police
i got my ratchet in the alley with that fiend denise
cruise the streets, stuntin in that maybach sixty-two
nigga what my dope goin fo, 62, cmon! a gram
by man, my plans to expand
try to jux and you hoods get catscans


[lloyd banks]
uhh, banks
i got a crew of schitzos behind me, i give em the word
theyll wet your whole block up, like the tsunami
try me, and your mamill be right in the lobby
and theyll be feedin you jello, like youre bill cosby
yeah everybody yellin yeah, so the beef cook
then somebody gets hit in the melon, then they tellin
dont go tongue lashin we pull it
niggazll put stabs in your boy like brad hittin troy
be shakin like a cutty, with his last bit of boy
and ill be calm cause theres bulletproof glass in the toy
yeah im flashy as fuck, mashin with buck
windows up blowin big cause theres stash in the truck, what?



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