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pimpin ark sz

[intro / chorus: tony yayo]
i dont, love, hoes - im sharin them
i aint lovin them, or handcuffin them - cause baby im pimpin
you, love, hoes - you chasin them
you be lacin them, while im replacin them - cause baby im pimpin

[tony yayo]
i lay my pimp game down when it comes to these bitches
they do what i say and obey all my wishes
wash all my clothes and clean dirty dishes
i turn a sweet bitch to a switchblade sister
while you shop on melrose, buyin hoes shoes
im in mickey ds buyin #2s
now get yo ass on the track and get the dough for me
im the #1 pimp, so she chosen me
and my hoes where the ballers and bros be
they collect them gs and they give em to me
im pimpin, no perm, just gators
pimpin, show you how to stunt on them haters
pimpin, flossin in that new cadillac
pimpin, chinchil with the fur hat
pimpin, i show you how to school a hoe
and when you chasin them bitches im chasin the dough (yeah!)

[tony yayo]
freakin, i aint speakin, girl i aintcha hubby
ma back that thing up, girl time is money
you aint freakin i aint speakin girl i aint no dummy
and we can play the marriott, ball, pop some bubbly
that said if 50 cant get none, i aint speakin
girl i aint speakin, girl i aint speakin
i said if banks cant get none, i aint speakin
girl i aint speakin, girl i aint speakin
yeah lisa and kim, they "straight outta ca$hville"
i met em with buck, in his mansion in nashville
my bitch from the d used to live on marshall block
i put a foot to her ass like, martial arts
i got a stable of hoes in the, c-p-t
ask my nigga snoop and the, d-r-e
girl fix your lipstick, your hair is a mess
and i know your feet hurt in them damn payless



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