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intro ark sz

[cell door closing]
[indistant talking]

[guard saying yayo]

aint nobody talking when im talking, fellas so shut the fuck up.
following items, replacing an envelope
is a caller off. empty wallet, legal paperwork, first 3 out of the ten.
([guard saying] lionel saying goodbye lil bitch...lets go). k open your mouth, stick out your tongue,
or right through your ears. k bend your hands over, shake em out with your fingers.
hands above your head...and hands out in front of you...hold em. wiggle your fingers. reach down and lift
up your nut sack...drop your nut sack..skin back your dick. now turn around. one foot at a time pick
em up. wiggle your toes....other foot. kay bend over..grab yo ass...spread your cheeks,and give me
two good calls....


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