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g-shit ark sz

[tony yayo]
yeah, yeah (cmon!)
these rich sluts love me like im morris chestnutt
they hit me on the 2-way, beggin to link up
my wrist is blinged up, canary and blue
for them project chicks, that be actin new
i got 3 trucks, 2 coupes, all in a month
blowin hundreds in northern light, stuffin the blunt
catch a stunt in the drop lambo
my p.o. think he rambo, but im still holdin on that ammo
everybody rat now, spittin on the beat tapes
dirtball niggaz, cant even pee straight
my mansion shit, moved in the west wing
you broke-ass niggaz couldnt buy a chicken wing
stop it money, im out for the profit money
and that advance that you got, be my pocket money
yeah my transporters cute but got a real flat chest
put a brick in her bra she a 36 f

[chorus: tony yayo]
you got diesel on your strip, thats that g shit
you got your bitch movin bricks, thats that g shit
you takin out of town trips, thats that g shit
you catchin fishscale flips, thats that g shit

[tony yayo - singing like suzanne vegas song "toms diner"]
i was slingin, on the corner
seen this fiend i, ran up on her
she was lookin, kinda hungry
so i gave her, five 20s
when she handed, me the money
man the money was marked
here come the narcs, do doo doo

[tony yayo]
duckin the ds, runnin the ps
tossin my cheese, man i got these hoes on they knees
yo my coke is snow white and my workers the 7 dwarves
i got what you need homey hard or soft
man, i drop bombs like hiroshima
i got the heroin cut, with the bomb bonita
task force got me hemmed up, facin the wall
cause im up in the mornin slingin wake-up calls
dimes and 20s, dont you know, time is money
i done slept in spots straight supplyin junkies


[tony yayo]
whatchu know about, measuring spoons bags and scales
my hoods a goldmine but its hot as hell
theres money to make, i scuff my timbs runnin from jake
and got knocked with my ratchet, jumpin the gate
listen i been had the fishscale, and the white butter
since heavy d was known as the "overweight lover" (believe me!)
sling that d, sling that coke
sling that meth, til your spot is hot death
yo ds kicked my door for the search and seizure
my moms dropped to the floor, and she caught a seizure
i got 4 workers, and one lookout for the juxers
a mac in the garbage and a mac in the bushes
this is drug dealer rap, a mean 16
im tony yayo, im a hustlers dream



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