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dear suzie ark sz

[intro: tony yayo]
aiyyo fif (yeah)
yo fif, i got this letter from this girl (word?)
finna write her back man
ima tell you what i told her though (what you said?)

[chorus: tony yayo]
dear suzie, dear suzie - i appreciate the fan mail
dear suzie, dear suzie - i read your letters locked up in my cell
dear suzie, dear suzie - i see you know im a star in jail
dear suzie, dear suzie - i appreciate the fan mail

[tony yayo]
dear suzie, i aint have sex in a while
im in jail with my niggaz; beatin off to your pictures
you only writin letters cause im headed towards the riches
and im only writin letters cause your head game vicious
whats todays date, and todays time?
sit-ups, push-ups and write a new rhyme
im about to lock it so ima write this letter
was your day okay? is your mother better?
ima put this bid in, cause summertime is comin
and when it start gettin hot, also tired of cummin
im in dorm two lower ma, heres my address
send my g-unit and my mailin package
now suzie, you know i would never try to use you or fool you
but can your friend kim be my mule boo?
give me some days, ima write you back
send that new don diva a quarter a pack
and when you come to my visit, dont wear no drawers
its your pimp, your playa, sincerely yours
goodbye.. goodbye.. goodbye.. goodbye


[tony yayo]
i went from manhattan coons to allana downstate
to oster county and then shock upstate
but anyway ma i be home in january
til then, keep it tight like the holy virgin mary
and had a rumble in my house, a sneak thief got cut
from his ear to his chin got his ass ripped up
i got the phone on lock, from nine to ten
i just got off the jack, with 50 and em
listen ms. x-and-o, you love my flow
baby im waitin on your mail, here come the c.o
ma its tony yayo, girl im bound to blow
i cant wait to come home and perform a show
get some ice from jacobs, so my neck can glow
twist some haze, twist some hash and a pound of dro
buy some dice, throw chips, matter fact c-low
dear groupie lights out, girl its time to go



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