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time for me to ride ark sz

aint got no tricks up my sleeve
aint got no reason to believe
ive been looking for a sign
love shouldnt be so hard to find
ive been sleeping on your couch
just been layin here alone.
ive been doing without
oh, youve been doing me wrong
nothing left here to decide
i think its time for me to ride...

put my bike out on the highway
feel that wind all in my face
breathe some air that tastes like freedom
yeah, let that be my saving grace
somebody loved, somebody lied
i believe its time for me to ride

shouldve known right from the start
i couldnt tame your faithless heart
i could see the writing on the wall
ive never been the kind to crawl
girl youre never satisfied
i believe its time for me to ride

[chorus x2]

somebody loved, somebody lied
i believe its time for me to ride


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