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good to go to mexico ark sz
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good to go to mexico ark sz

i can feel a chill of a cold november wind
here in oklahoma that means that it is wintertime again
every time i start thinking bout the rain and sleet and snow
i start dreamin about siestas underneath this sombrero

chorus 1:
baby if youre good to go well go down to mexico
get a place in cabo, kick back in the sand
itll be just you and me and moonlight dancing on the sea
to spanish guitar melody of a mariachi band
i got two tickets bought
there wont be no second thought
weathers always nice down there in paradise
well find that little man who owns that taco stand
well be drinking margaritas while were working on our tan
chorus 2:
baby if youre good to go well go down to mexico
get a place in cabo, kick back in the sand
if youll get off that telephone and put your shorts and sandals on
tomorrow well be dancing to a mariachi band

cancun dont get me high
thats where the snowbirds fly
they like to winter there
they come from everywhere
ill take the baja sun
it aint overrun
with all the gringos and the touristas
we might be the only ones

chorus 1 (2x)


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