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do you want us to thump harder ark sz
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do you want us to thump harder ark sz

we can thump harder

walkin and talkin in america
are among the rights we share
we do and say what we wanta?
smile, wave, and try to be fair
but you pissed in our yard and insisted on a fight
wea??ll do what we do, ita??s hard not to be right
we know about fearing fear, by way of jfk
that dona??t apply to you bin labia
we are the a??one and onlya? u.s. of a.

what youa??ve seen so far is just a sample
of what can happen to those that wake the giant
best let the thump do the trick
if we wanted to kick more than your ass
it would also already be kicked
if we wanted your approval, youa??d already be compliant
if we wanted your country, ita??d be in our pocket
if we wanted saddam, wea??d have him in jail
ooops, been there, done that...gotta say
we are the a??one and onlya?...u.s. of a.

wea??re stolkin the train just in case
from a location where it sits based
we dona??t want to send it, we dona??t want the flack
believe thisa?you dona??t either
youa??re the dumbass thata??s on the tracks
keep on lookin down them rails
youa??ll be wonderin what to do
but the train thata??s coming down your way
will be disguised as a b-52
we are the a??one and onlya?...u.s. of a.

if the train does have to leave the station
youa??re not gonna like it long
youa??re new word for that day will be
dona??t push the buttons of the free
our buttons are signed
final gift for you from me
it wona??t be there for fun, not on that gloomy day
ita??ll be cause you forgot
the a??one and onlya?...u.s. of a.
steven r


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