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baddest boots ark sz

i saw her turn her head
in a drop-dead gaze
she was peekin out over the top
of those wire-rim shades
now it wasnt my charm
and it wasnt my grin
that had that little secretary
dialed right in
she wasnt lookin at me, man
she was lookin at my feet


its these twenty-two hundred
and twenty-five dollar
pair o handmade genuine fine
horned-back kicks
with a seven-row stitch
and a three dollar sidewalk shine
yeah theyre made to fit
and theyre hard to find
make a pretty woman look down each time

i got the baddest boots on the boulevard
yeah the baddest boots on the boulevard

they were made by a little man
down in el paso
i was passin though town
singin at the rodeo

he said they cost a little more
but for what its worth
there aint another pair like em
on gods green earth
then i handed him my money
and he sized me up


i got the baddest boots on the boulevard
yeah, the baddest boots on the boulevard
when i pull em on i start singin a song
make me wanna tuck my britches legs inside em
lets take a stroll


theyre the baddest boots on the boulevard

look here girl
yeah, theyre bad alright


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