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milky teeth ark sz

well you know im a kisser
i wanted you for that mouth
hey you know im a listener
i loved you for what came out
its your mind and your body
that makes me feel so dirty
and its my mouth
what comes out
what comes out

you say you love me when im sleeping
its the sleep of the innocent
but in my sleep, im still faking
if you could only see what that meant
you think my body is clean now
its stretching out in your tub
but the more you soak me
the more i wonder what comes off
and what comes out

yeah those teeth, they look so milky
you would trust them with your neck
like a kitten and its mother
just secure you and fear no fall
these teeth, theyll break you
as they close around your scruff
you look my way, your smile opens
and i wonder about what comes out
what comes out (4x)


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