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marbles ark sz

her haircut, she looked what shed made her

in that dress growing ever tighter
it was saddening the lengths she had gone to
to appear more attractive
in the process losing something
we never knew but still missed

you knew you were lost as soon as you saw her
you saw your life as a series of complicated dance steps
impossible to learn, they had to come naturally
together you squirmed and wriggled
and i could only jerk along behind


theyre going to hurt you

they always will

she is now with me, inside of you
and i could only stare wide-eyed
as everything closed in around the three of us
things you never saw, talking of the power and rescue

that were rushing through our body

and its good


she opened the door his face bruised and swollen
before he knew, pushed, falling down curved stairs
our message lost and our plans forgotten
surrounded by men in suits, and black shiny shoes
moving in, kicking, stamping
bland expressionless faces
a handful of marbles thrown in a dustbin
memories, memories (??)


in a northern town there were amazing rows of standing stones arranged on the southern slope
they got out in the last few seconds of consciousness
look for their inscriptions one day, the most distant ocean plains, those who make the desert island
i saw you in a tin bath in red water
were the ones who went to washington to do their laundry
they wanted to see the mysterious hurricane
i never believed in new york, or where you intended to stand
but we dont actually want to see the shipwrecked
i just had to go
they came


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