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oh where you goin
bring your love out to the cold
sit down and ill tell you a little story
one of money that i know and it went
uh, why you runnin
why you runnin from the poor
see, im talkin bout some of the places
you aint thinkin bout thinkin to go and im like
give it here, give it to me baby
i can tell you wanna

uh, wouldnt you know it
look who we got in control
money you thinkin bout healin your pockets
need to think who needs it most just like
uh, buy your livin
when you aint been livin love
she dont practice her own religion
but baby loves her santa clause and hes like
give it here, give it to me baby
i can tell you wanna

flex with me
bring it on

uh, where you goin
bring your love back to the cause
see, im really bout lovin the faces
so, i hit em where i go, just like
uh, when im the best friend youd never thought youd know
seen the streets by runnin mouth
whether you want me or you dont see im like,

give it here, give it to me baby
i can tell aaahhhh!!!


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