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playn it raw ark sz

[talking] b.g.
i dont play
shit real nigga
this cut throat gotta play it raw
verse:1 lil turk
gettin killed aint no thang in the n.o.
some people live some people get smoked
life trap get crossed up by them dog hoes
like shit get masked out over dog hoes
really doe
bullet holes be so big
innocent bystanders get hit even little kids
niggas be lookin like they at a shootin range
dont give a fuck who they hittin they just do they thang
bullets be coastin like birds in a flock
hit yo block
with camouflage nigga gone get got
a hundred shots flippin you can get away
gettin chopped losin they life by the a.k.
everyday niggas at war niggas dyin
thats yo ass if you dont have it on yo waste line
kickin n.o.playin by no rules realah
like b.g. whatever you do its all on you realah
verse:2 juvenile
it musta been meant for me ta be rich
only my dead niggas could of live to see this
i appreciate what the lord gave to me
but i dont appreciate is how these niggas be hatin me
what is it is it the car is it the jewels
is it the shoes
or do you want to see what a nigga gone do
i know a nigga plottin up ta jack me
or nab me
thats why when i ride on my lap be
the strap piece
dont try ta jam one tha oneway dawg
look cuz you aint gettin away without no gunplay fall
you gone be in a hospital a.k.a. we never close
in a morge with a tag on yo toe
believe this fuck with me i aint gone let it go
im a preach this up until the moment im on momo
i follow my first rhyme cuz at no second chance of life
either niggas out cha bustin heads for stripes
bullshit i aint for it so get cha business
im a hurt one of you bitches
let the lord be my witness
verse:3 lil wayne
what yall dont know
lil wayne the nigga from hind ta grow
quick ta strap up and ride play the blunt and lets go (what)
what yall niggas thank wayne aint bad
lil baby boy thuggin tote a k foe sag
i be up in all black behind the ski mask
outside ya complex duckin waitin ta blast
ill kick yo ass if too many questions
and ill catch a nigga cut with two s.ks.
yall fake like two large silicon breasts
what you forgot head busts leave bloody messes
i leave dreadlocks in ya tennis
buck, boys better lay it down when im spittin
put it like this in the primetime of the night you can try ta come in
but cha cant go and split it ha ha (laughing) get it
better watch and ya mentionin fluid ya mouth
better rearrange ya system
yall niggas want beef look and what
me and lil tolie in tha fire lettin tha cash buck
so what ya scared now ha punk leave tha street
beat cha meat
do sumin get from round me
lil shy you really thank its a game bruh
let me show ya when them hotboys play tha game raw (what)
verse:4 b.g.
ya got some keys i come ta duct tape ya and rope ya
stay low
my chopper gone let loose and super soak ya fa sho
i gets low down and dirty for my cheese
ya know b.g. roll with bout it h.bs.
we strapped
get flipped up around and get kidnapped
where its at
dont bring me to a bukah youll get capped
its like that i wont mine just like you want yurn
i gotta get my shine on cuz i feel like its my turn
fuck a bitch
my money is way more important im behind tha tints
on a mission tryin ta get it
and i wont stop til i got it all in one pile
the got a hit over a nigga head for fifteen thou
im goin out
to tha house
where he lay at
im goin prawl around the club where he play at
im a get with him
split him
put his heart in a jar
go get his bitch from the bar
collect my money from the boss
i play it raw nigga
(chorus) lil wayne
hot boy$ play tha game raw nigga
hot boy$ play tha game raw nigga
hot boy$ play tha game raw nigga
ya slip up when ya thank its a game
cuz them
cuz them hot boy$ nigga
they they play tha game raw nigga
what what
huh huh
hot boy$ play tha game raw nigga
hot boy$ play tha game raw nigga
hot boy$ play tha game raw nigga
hot boys play tha game raw nigga
dont slip up play tha game raw nigga
get flipped up play tha game raw nigga
set split up play tha game raw nigga
what hot boy$ play tha game raw nigga
ha what
what what
what what
thats how it is uh huh
its real what
play tha game raw nigga


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