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xo ark sz

chorus: 1x
would ya quit fuckin my high off
cause its got to be the muthafuckin boss loss
heavy to the metal, drinking x.o., nothin but x.o

verse 1:(numskull)
im broke, you broke, we all broke
so lets take our broke asses to the sto
and steal another bottle of x.o.
im feelin so faded, broke wit a album
but bitches on my dick like i ate it
im use to smellin fish, but not that kind
look yous a hoochie, wanna do me, at least try to act fine
cause im the nigga wit the best hand
you poochie, you look like my pitbull stretch the fuck
out your stretch pants
you fuckin up my drunk a lot
i get the drunk talk, sick wit, ly, ly, ly
all i need is x.o. to set me in, bitch i dont need
yo pussy fought by most men&lesbians
soon as i get home, ima take a hope lift to the dome
shit, another civilation, im just another
drunk hoodlum under one nation

chorus: 2x

verse 2:(yukmouth)
bitch, you wanna suck on my dang, dang
drink all my drank, drank
whos in the jacuzzi, all hoochies
suckin all on my doobie, be poppin coochie
but only if ya lonely baby bubba
then she said do you got the rubber
got the covers out the closet, another flawless victory
a bitch aint shit to me, she was history
soon as my nigga nut come threw wit num, dru, chris
and richie rich we on some new shit
i knew this, bitch was a groupie from the giddy-go
really though, wanna be all in a nigga video
but silly ho, you know you got to fuck all of us
pimps, playas, hustlas, ballas, shot caller
call the shits, top knotch blazin
got a cock caved in like squashed raisins
stay in the ho, so fa sho we runned a train
all them nuts slangs on her neck like a gold chain

chorus: 2x

verse 3:(yukmouth)
back in 88, a nigga was staright
all in the car case, face above e
four d o, z, s, o.p, whatever it be
pass that shit to me
gin&juice get loose of duece duece&bless tea
kick it wit the fourty less, sick wit it posse
got me fillin my body up like carlos rasi
hurricane, sluricane, some smoke cane
may not take the chronic to the chain and wont change

you cant even if you smoke cane
you wont get high as me, drink my jugs
off the st.ides, see i cant even spell it
even though i didnt drink that day, but youll
damn sho smell it, i dare you to come threw wit
no drink bitch, ill who-ride you, cause my shirt
drink more then i do, im lit, still lit
thats how we do this weird shit, bits
of remi and shit, so i aint fuckin wit you bitch

chorus: 3x


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